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My Wahls Diary

Wasn’t entirely sure what to title this rant, but I’m still following the diet portion of WP so I guess it fits. I’m not sure Wahls is the best fit for me, but I generally feel decent so why change?  I know that google diagnosing yourself can be dangerous, but my WP group led me to the discussion about Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and now I’ve pretty much convinced myself that it’s a big part of my issue. SO much of what I’ve read and learned through talking with people makes sense. It very well could have even been the root cause of my MS 😳  Now I just need to find a doctor who’s not a complete twit and actually listens. When she came into the exam room for my appointment yesterday she basically rolled her eyes and said “what are you doing here again?” I’ve now had blood work run twice and went to see my doc yesterday for follow up. My TSH level is not terrible but my Free T4 is at the low end of the accepted range and my Free T3 falls below it.  That should be red flag number 1! I’ve also complained about not being able to lose any weight despite a cleaner than clean diet and steady exercise regimen. Doc thinks I’m just looking for some miracle way to lose weight without the effort, but that’s so not the case at all! Something isn’t right and I want to know what it is!  I’m pretty much textbook hypothyroidism right now and she refuses to even consider it. I was also the other side of this a few years ago and lost a lot of weight without really trying. The flip flop between the two can be an indicator for Hashimoto’s but I couldn’t even get her to run the full thyroid panel to confirm either way. On the hunt for a new doctor now… good times.


My Wahls Diary – Day 31

I survived my first month! 🙂 In retrospect, the “diet” portion was the easiest to incorporate believe it or not. I’m completely used to food prep and taking my meals everywhere. I was attempting the KETO//OS routine before starting this which eliminated breakfast and a lot of the same foods Wahls suggests avoiding, so it wasn’t a huge adjustment to bring breakfast back into my world and fast until dinner. I’m still not perfect at that, but getting better 🙂  A recap which has taken me a few days to publish cause I knew more things would continue to pop into my head:

  • I’m amazed at how different things taste when you completely cut out ALL processed foods! The only sugar in my diet now comes from the berries in my morning smoothie and a few baby carrots a couple times per week. I don’t crave crap anymore! Like, at ALL.  I still do crave stuff sometimes, but it’s all fats like nuts, nut butter, bacon :p coconut… decided to add a keto shake a few days ago when we were competing cause I didn’t want a full belly but I didn’t like he taste of it at all. Used to enjoy the chocolatey flavour and now all I taste is chemicals.
  • Energy is better and more consistent. I started taking gabapentin for the nerve pain a few days ago which has messed with that a bit, but I’m getting a better sleep than I have in more than 10 years and wake up feeling rested and energized.  This would have been unheard of a week ago!!
  • IMG_4451
  • Strenght is still good, although I think I need to play around with daily protein intake to make sure I’m not losing muscle mass. I like to lift heavy, so I need to make sure the protein is adequate. Did the Girls Gone Rx competition on the weekend with my Girl and a friend. It as fun, but I was kinda disappointed in my lifts in the heavier workout.
  • IMG_4441
  • Looking forward to blood work results. All of the reading I’ve done on a variety of different sites has pointed towards adrenal fatigue or Hashimoto’s as a possible cause of my inability to lose weight. My diet couldn’t be cleaner and the more I work out the more I gain. It’s so dumb and mentally hard to take.
  • Speaking of all the reading… I’ve done so much learning!!! Thank you WP for inspiring that!  Nutrition is something I’ve found utterly fascinating for YEARS so I’m thrilled to expand my understanding.
  • Our crockpots are the best appliances we own!! Last weekend 4 meals were made and the freezer is full of tasty healthy breakfast or dinners for the next quite-some-time. The beef and heart chili is my fave, but the curry is good too and FULL of all kinds of nutrients 🙂 Win.

My Wahls Diary – Week 4

This will be a longer read… I should probably get into a better routine again of writing more frequently than once a week… The week started off well. My workouts were strong, I did the Monday one Rx which was a big deal for me cause I’ve never been able to Rx a WOD containing double unders before 😁 I was the last to finish, but I didn’t care! The barbell portion was HEAVY and there were also a pile of chest to bar pull-ups. Tuesday’s workout went well too, but Wednesday it caught up with me I think. My body was tired and I just didn’t feel as superhuman as I had Monday. Thursday was hockey night anyway, so a well-needed break from crossfit. A challenge I’ve been runnning into with hockey though is the pain in my legs and feet is amplified HUGE when I lace up my skates! I fight to bear it through the first 20-30 minutes of the game, then I guess I get used to it? Or convince myself that it’s almost over and carry on. This week was a bad one for that but I touched it out. Friday I paid for it, but at least Friday was a full-on rest day and the weekend was too.

Early Saturday morning we got in the car and headed to Albany, New York for Crossfit regionals 🙂 Packed all of our food for the weekend aside from Saturday night’s dinner which we planned as a dinner date to The Cheesecake Factory.  A year ago I experienced dinner there for the first time when we went to Florida and I had been looking forward to round 2 of the incredible turkey burger with mushrooms, garlic and fresh herbs.  The experience wasn’t quite the same this time… I learned my lesson to always mention the gluten allergy thing cause before we even left the restaurant I knew my mistake. My speech gets kinda slurred, I could fall asleep instantly, and my arms and legs just feel weak and heavy. A good night’s sleep helped with the speech and fatigue mostly, but the body weakness stuck around Sunday. Lesson learned.

Other than Saturday night, food for the week was good! I do need to work on creativity to avoid falling into a comfortable routine of eating the same things every day. A smoothie in the morning is easy and probably will continue to be a staple for me, especially when my mornings get earlier on the work front. Doesn’t mean I can’t change things up though! So far I’ve stuck to:

  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1 cup kale
  • ice
  • 1/2 can coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 tsp dulse flakes
  • 1/4 cup frozen blueberries OR frozen strawberries

I know I’m suppposed to get a full can of coconut milk every day, but it’s expensive AND I just haven’t found another way to get it in at night. Hopefully a tbsp or 2 of coconut cream concentrate counts. In addition to the smoothie every morning I eat either ground beef/heart chili (beanless of course!), chicken curry, or something my girl calls bubble and squeak. It’s a crockpot mixture of ground turkey, peppers, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes and zucchini and it’s delicious! Even as breakfast.  Since I’m following Wahls Paleo Plus, there is no lunch and dinner has been a bit more varied. We succeeded in mixing some chopped up liver with ground beef and garlic for a palatable burger, we’ve made omelets too and had salad pretty much every night to get the 9 cups of veggies in successfully. It amazes me that that’s the biggest thing people seem to struggle with… I find that the easiest part.

This week will be interesting no question. Thankfully a short work week since yesterday was a holiday, and Friday I have booked off for doctors appointments. I’m interested to see what my MRI which is Wednesday night will have to say. Not sure 3 weeks of Wahls protocol is enough to make a difference, but will still be interesting. Blood work Friday as well might be more productive in telling me WHY I’ve fairly steadily increased weight over the past few years despite a squeaky clean diet and dedicated exercise routine. It’s mentally exhausting and I need to find an answer. Just want to see my abs more definitely again please!

My Wahls Diary – Week 3

14 days in now and not a whole lot to report so far I don’t think.  Although there are probably things happening that I can’t see!

  • My energy is definitely better and more consistent than it was before and I’m just in a good mood pretty much all the time.
  • Not that I was grumpy, but the constant pain/discomfort used to weigh on me heavier than it seems to now.
  • NO sugar/carb cravings. At ALL 🙂 I have made it through 2 months of drinking my ketones though coupled with my 2 weeks of Wahls Protocol. I do crave almond butter something wicked at times but that’s better than sugar I hope.
  • Still no change in the actual pain, but I’m going to continue to believe that I just need to be patient.

Strength has not faltered in the slightest even with the lower protein consumption.  Saturday we had the CFC Supertotal at my box where you work to find a new 1 rep max of back squat, strict press, deadlift, clean & jerk, snatch and bench press.  We were at the gym for 3 hours!!  I got a 10% PR in my back squat @ 200lbs!!!  😮  Couldn’t have been happier about that since I’ve been chasing the 200 mark for a while.  I then was a little disappointed with my deadlift as I couldn’t even get my current 1RM off the ground, but I got over it when I PR’d my bench press as well.  🙂  Overall, good day!  Took a pretty chill day on Sunday (other than a walk) to let my heavy legs recover a bit.  That’s such a tough feeling to explain to anyone… I told Amanda she could walk around for a few hours with some ankle weights on to understand the tired, heavy legs feeling 😉  I think that clicked a bit.  Thankfully there was no ball hockey last night because of Mother’s Day 🙂


Still don’t like liver on it’s own, but still haven’t given up completely.  Also managed to chop some chicken livers tiny and mix with beef for some pretty delicious burgers. Hopefully that still counts!  We went to a local farm on Saturday and picked up some grass fed beef liver and a giant beef heart!  Not attractive at all although not as gross as a liver…  We cut the heart into cubes and made heart chili in the crockpot Sunday 🙂  It’s delicious!!!


My Wahls Diary – week 2

So I typed up a whole rant yesterday and it vanished into cyberspace somewhere. Anyways, the weekend wasn’t my best. I was completely compliant in terms of what I was eating, but I had a moment, ok more like several, of total lack of self control. There was a jar of nut/seed butter… and a spoon. Well, on the bright side it’s gone now. GONE. In a weekend. It was a SUPER busy weekend with a day of shooting 📷 on Saturday, a late charity hockey game Saturday night, a day of catching up/food prep Sunday and ball hockey Sunday night. I will say, my energy was good even though I was relatively food deprived aside from the nut butter! Ran hard at hockey Sunday night 🙂

Monday I was hungry pretty much all day… maybe a result of the weekend? Back on track though with a good breakfast and dinner. I’m still adjusting to making sure to get all the things I need each day. Fermented foods are tough and I keep forgetting the seaweed. Getting better though 🙂

My Wahls Diary – Day 5

WordPress sold me out and wouldn’t post this one… not sure why?

Yesterday was a busy one and totally out of routine for me… I only worked a half day before rushing around to get ready and get to a job fair. Scrambled and made it only to find that it wasn’t happening! The girl at the front desk of the hotel groaned when I asked where the job fair was being held and said “people keep coming in for that but it’s not here!” WTF?!

Anyways… I kinda sucked at sticking to my nutrition plan. I was stressed and frustrated and totally killed the last bit of the jar of almond butter with a spoon. Sounds like a scene from Clue… yup I eat when I’m stressed sometimes 😦 I mean, not a box of donuts but still not something I’m proud of. Today I’m back on track. Having tuna, salsa and avocado for breakfast though cause I haven’t entirely figured that part out yet. Leftovers works when we eat a dinner that creates them… salads just doesn’t.

Yesterday was NOT a good day for pain. My leg was swollen and killing me! Hopefully coincidence that it was the same day o decided to skip my ketones drink… back at that today but worth noting so I can remember to compare next time.


My Wahls Diary – Day 2 continued

Well, day 2 was more challenging than day 1 but I’m pretty sure I know why. That’s a good thing cause I hopefully know how to prevent it. My kinda half-breakfast wasn’t enough to keep me full till dinner! By 11 I was in need of my keto shake and around 2 I was HUNGRY. On my lunch break I went and got a can of coconut milk and some cinnamon. Made a cup of chai tea, dumped in some of the coconut milk and sprinkled on a little cinnamon. It was tasty and got me through 🙂 After work I had a pretty strong back squat session and metcon workout at crossfit too. Was good to know my workouts are still good! My back squats felt really good… a new PR is coming…

Dinner was:

4-5 cups of spinach and kale, a BBQ’d chicken breast, a drizzle of olive oil/balsamic/Dijon/garlic

1/4 cup sauerkraut

2 tbsp coconut cream concentrate